What is the period of pregnancy? The period of pregnancy is considered a distinct period in the life of every mother, as the mother passes through many physical and psychological changes, where the symptoms of pregnancy begin to appear first so that the clearest sign of pregnancy is the interruption of the menstrual cycle and …

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What is the period of pregnancy? It is the period that begins with a sperm provided by a man, surviving among the millions of sperm that he ejaculates inside the wife’s womb, where the rest of the sperm melts, as a result of acidity, for this sperm to fertilize the egg provided by the mother, …

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Gestational Diabetes

What is meant by gestational diabeties ? During pregnancy, the bodies of pregnant women undergo many physiological changes that occur inside and outside the body, including gestational diabetes, which is a disturbance of glucose tolerance or real diabetes that appears or is diagnosed during pregnancy, and if it is not controlled properly, the child may …

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